Domain Size Limit Exceeded

Our typical email account customers utilize IMAP or POP email whereby there are physical size limitations on both a per user and per domain basis.  When this limit is reached users will no longer receive new emails but rather will get a returned message with "Domain size limit exceeded" indicated in the subject line.  This issue can be resolved by following our recommended practices for POP/IMAP Email Accounts.

  • Ask your domain administrator user to log into their webmail account at and review the space being used on a per mailbox or per user basis
    • ​Log in As the administrator user
    • Click "Reports" at the top
    • Select "Domain Disk Space" in the drop-down box
    • Run the report
    • This will show you which users are taking up the most amount of disk space or quota on the server
    • Log into individual user accounts using the webmail interface and resolve disk overuse or quota problems using this information:
  • Use an email Client software such as (Outlook, Windows Mail, etc) instead of using webmail as your primary email application.  Webmail is not intended to be used as your primary email application but rather as a management tool and for convenience when you are away from your computer.
  • IMAP Users:  IMAP stores a copy of all of your messages on the server and can cause the quota to be reached quickly.  You should regularly archive your old messages locally to your computer to avoid account quota problems.
    • ​Also consider setting an automatic archive of messages on your email client.
    • Tell your devices not to sync your deleted items or sent items folders.  These can often take up alot of space.
  • Upgrade your account with us to increase your domain quota by 1GB or more, email
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