Transferring Domains away from the Dytek Registrar

If you have a domain registered via Dynamic Technologies (Dytek) and would like to transfer your domain name "away" to a different domain registrar a few standard steps and pieces of information are required.  Once we have the necessary information we can unlock your domain name and provide you with the appropriate Auth code to transfer your domain to the registrar of your choice.
* The Auth code is a special code that is required to transfer most domains.  We can only release this auth code by emailing it to the registrant on file with the domain name.  We can not release this information over the phone or to other addresses.
For security all Registrars follow a lock policy after key changes are made on a domain name:
What We Need:
Please create a new support ticket or email ( with the following information if you wish to transfer your domain name:
- Domain Name to transfer
- Company Name
- Your Contact Phone Number and Email Address
After you submit your support request ticket someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours to finalize your request.  You should allow up to a week for domain name transfers to complete.
** NOTICE: If you are not the domain contact on record you will have to produce supporting documents to us in order to change the domain name registration details.  If you need to submit supporting documents please submit email to