SmarterMail Blocked and Trusted Senders

We are happy to announce that our SmarterMail blocked and trusted senders feature has been integrated into our anti-spam gateways! This has been a feature that users have been requesting since we switched to our new anti-spam gateways and we are very pleased to announce full integration!
There are a few requirements for the blocked and trusted senders integration to work correctly, lets outline what those are...

Blocked senders only run if the "Blocked Sender Action" within SmarterMail is set to "Delete", any other action will result in our anti-spam gateways allowing the email to pass to SmarterMail for handling according to the set action (such as move to junk mail folder).

Trusted Senders
Trusted senders will only pass based on the following rules...
  • If the sender's domain has an SPF record specified, the SPF record must pass (no FAIL or SOFT_FAIL), this is done to prevent spoofing.
  • Any attachments must pass our anti-virus/anti-malware scans. We do not allow delivery of messages with identified threats.
  • Any attachments must not be of disallowed types. For example, .bat, .exe, .msi. .vbs and others.
  • Any attachment must not be identified as a disallowed type. For example, an exe file with the extension changed to .jpg.
If the sender is flagged as trusted and passes the above checks, the message will be allowed to pass regardless of any blacklists or content check results.
If you make changes to our blocked/trusted senders, the changes are not immediate and can take up to 5 minutes to propagate to our gateways, so please keep this in mind.
As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know!