GRID PHP Version Upgrade

For customers hosted on our GRID Platform:
We would like to notify you of some upcoming changes to your Grid hosting plan. Beginning February 14th, 2019, we will be updating PHP 7.0.6 and replacing this version with the newer, more stable, and more secure PHP 7.2.

What does this mean for you?

For the vast majority of websites, this change should be completely transparent. If you are currently using PHP 7.0.6, you will automatically be updated to the new version. You can contact us to find out what version of PHP is being usined for each site. 

If your application doesn't work after the update, you should check to make sure that your application is compatible with PHP 7.2. Enabling additional error logging may help provide some insight into any application issues you are having:

It's worth noting that there are some deprecated features that should have little impact on a majority of websites. You can review the differences in the following documents from PHP:

Why are we doing this?

PHP 7.0 has been unsupported ( since December 2018. This means that this version will no longer receive security updates and is not recommended by PHP Developers. For security and stability reasons, it is time to remove it from our systems. We want to ensure that we can constantly update the Grid and offer new features to our customers.

Will this affect me if I am using another version of PHP?

A large amount of websites on the internet still use older versions of PHP. While we will still continue to offer PHP 5.6, our team will be removing PHP 5.3 in the near future as it has been unsupported for quite some time. The removal of PHP 5.6 will be considered in the future but is not on the roadmap at this time.

What if I have more questions that are not covered here?
Please email us or open a support ticket via our support portal.