ASP1 Smartermail Upgrade Bug (closed)

This Friday, December 7th at 10PM MST we will be performing an upgrade to our primary SmarterMail server to the new major version v17. This a brand new major release of SmarterMail that includes tons of new features, changes and improvements. For all changes please visit the SmarterMail release notes here
This upgrade makes major changes to the backend of SmarterMail which requires time to complete the conversion process. Along with the backend conversion, SmarterMail v17 has also introduced a brand new indexing system that supports non-Western character sets and offers greater performance and efficiency over the current indexer. There is also a conversion process between the old indexing system and the new one, however, the transition for that is seamless
Please note that while the backend conversion is pending or processing your account, you will not be able to access your email until the process has completed for your account, but please be aware that we are not able to tell if a specific account has completed the process, when an account may complete or anything related to the conversion process.
MAPI is not yet available, but is coming very soon! We are very excited for the changes coming with MAPI as it will offer a full Exchange experience with Outlook! During this time, our incoming gateways will process and hold any incoming email and deliver them once we have completed the update. While 2 hours have been allocated, this is just a precaution in case any additional work or restarts need to be performed.
After this most recent update to the stable release of SmarterMail 17 we were notified that some IMAP clients (mostly mobile phones) were having difficulty with connecting to the server.  This has been reported to SmarterMail and we are hoping for an update release pretty quickly.  Check back here for status updates.  Meanwhile, if you have a user with problems encourage them to use Webmail during this time while we work to correct the bug.
We believe this issue has been resolved by our server team.  Please contact us by opening a support ticket if you are seeing issues with POP3 or IMAP on our ASP1 Smartermail server.
A software update will be applied this evening that should address this issue.  We are monitoring affected customers.
We are aware that there are still some unusual lingering issues with client behavior and login behavior with the latest version upgrade of SmarterMail.  We are working with the software vendor to begin deeper logging of this behavior so that they can determine the root causes.  Please let us know if you have anything unusual going on with your ASP1 Smartermail services by opening a ticket or emailing

UPDATE - Thursday
We believe this issue has been resolved regarding unexplained web and mail authentication issues.  We have seen no further reports.