BASH Vulnerability Patch

As a valued Dynamic Technologies customer, we would like to inform you of a vulnerability in the Bash command shell application that was very recently discovered and the actions we have taken to protect you. This exploit can be used against servers or other Unix and Linux devices via web and shell applications that use Bash to execute scripts.

**What versions of Bash are affected?**
This vulnerability affects versions 1.14 through 4.3 of GNU Bash. Our Plesk Servers are using either CentOS 5 or 6, and a patch has already been released by the distributor.

**What do I need to do?**
We have already gone ahead and patched all of our servers running CentOS with either Plesk to the new secure version of Bash. You do not need to perform any task on your account, and this patch should not have affected your websites in any way. This notice serves to let you know about the vulnerability and the actions taken our server team to protect our servers.

**Where can I read more about this vulnerability?**
The following article has more information if you would like to know further information about the exploit: