MT Mail Migration and Retirement

We would like to announce the retirement and migration of our remaining customers from the MT mail platform.

We recommend that within the next 30 days that all customers work with us to migrate your mailboxes and aliases over to our New mail platform ASP1 Smartermail.

If this doesn't occur MT mail users, mailboxes and aliases will automatically transition to Godaddy's Professional Email (powered by Open-Xchange) which may be more expensive depending on your number of mailboxes.

Along with the sunset of their other services, Media Temple is retiring Media Temple Mail. If not manually migrated to ASP1, Godaddy is automatically moving your Media Temple Mail accounts to Professional Email (powered by Open-Xchange).

We'll send you an initial email communication at least 30 days before your migration, and reminders 7 days and 1 day before your migration.