End Of Life for Livestats Statistics XSP

What has happenned to LiveStats?
Livestats license verification was discontinued recently. The good news is that you can continue to receive statistics for your website using Google Analytics which can be fully integrated with your website.

What is the alternative solution?
Dytek recommends all our clients upgrade to Google Analytics.  It's a fantastic system and completely free.  Google Analytics gives you all the same data including Visits, Page Views, Hits, Popular Pages and much more. If you would like help setting up then drop us a line and we'll be delighted to help.  Submit a Support Ticket

When will Livestats be discontinued?
Actually on 1st February 2009 the Livestats service was discontinued.  However more recently the Licensing Server ran by Microsoft was taken offline.

Will I still be able to view my old Statistics?
No, unfortunately we are not able to import data from Livestats into Google Analytics.

Can I still get a monthly report about my visitors?
Yes we can set up Monthly reports via Google Analytics

Why are you ending Livestats support?
Unfortunately the company that made the LIvestats software (called 'Deepmetrix') was bought by Microsoft in 2006 and they have recently stopped supporting the software.  Our licence to run the software has come to an end and we are no longer able to offer the software.

Why did Microsoft buy Deepmetrix?
Microsoft purchased the Livestats software so that they could create their own version of Google Analytics.  They have used the software to build Microsoft Analytics.  The Toolkit is able to integrate with all versions of Analytics including Google and Microsoft. To find out more about Microsoft Analytics click here.