(Smartermail) Email Aliases

Email Aliases

A user alias represents a forward to an actual email account. The sole purpose of a user alias is to forward email to other accounts. Aliases may not send mail, and may not log into the web mail.

Managing Aliases

As a domain administrator, you can manage email aliases from the Email Aliases page in the Settings menu.

Add Alias - Similarly to adding a user, clicking this button will allow you to add a new user alias. More information about adding aliases can be found in the topic Adding a User Alias.

Set Catch-All - A Catch-All is a special option set for a single alias. The alias assigned the catch-all will receive all email for a domain that is not targeted to an existing user or alias. Using a catch-all is usually not advised, as it gives spammers the idea that the email addresses are valid, and you may receive more spam as a result. Note: The system administrator may have disabled catch-all functionality.

Edit an Alias - Edit an alias by clicking on the name of the alias in the table.

Deleting an Alias - To delete an alias, click on the delete link next to the alias name.