FTP Accounts

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an industry standard method for moving files from one computer to another (typically from your computer to a server).  Most of our hosting packages include FTP access and the ability to set up one or more accounts.

Setup & Settings - 
Standard Hosting Customers:
If you have access to your hosting control panel (Helm) please login to it and go to "Domains/(domain of your choice)".  Once you are there select the "FTP Accounts" icon then click "Add" at the top to add a new account.  New accounts require a Username and Password as well as the directory you wish to start in by default.

HELM Accounts:

View the Video Tutorial of setting up FTP accounts using the Online Account Management Tool (Helm)

Settings: (standard)
Server Hostname: ftp.domainname.com  (ex. ftp.mydomain.com)
Account Username: as specified by you
Password: as specified by you

For all other customers you may contact us for more information or assistance if you are Legacy Hosting customer OR do not have access to your own control panel.