Website Loading Slowly

To begin troubleshooting this situation we recommend analyzing the speed of your dynamic pages using one of the many website performance analysis tools available such as; Pingdom Full Page Test and the Firebug browser extension for Firefox.  Below we have included links to these resources along with more information on how to use these tools to determine what code on your web pages takes the longest time to load.

Many times calling external javascript includes or using seemingly small website plugins (that may not been written efficiently) can dramatically increase the time it takes your web pages to load. Understanding the time it takes each item on your page to load will help you determine what code is having the biggest impact so you can quickly begin looking at ways to reduce your page load times.

We've seen many cases where a page may take a long time to load and it turns out the main reason why this is happening has to do with calling an external javascript include or loading an inefficient web application plugin. In these cases the power of the server won't make a difference as the results will be the same anywhere the site is hosted. Eliminating these potential causes of slow loading pages will help us understand the specific problem so we can help make your pages load quickly again.