SPF - Sender Policy Framework

Sender Policy Framework
The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an open standard specifying a technical method to prevent sender address forgery.  This is a TXT entry in DNS that tells receiving servers which SMTP servers should be serving traffic for your domain name.

Usually this helps to ensure your mail is delivered in a situation where it may be blocked sometimes or sent to the recipient's SPAM folder.  It is intended to prevent "spoofing" of your email address or domain name for the purpose of sending Junk Email and Viruses.

How to setup SPF:
  1. In order to make DNS modifications on our system first verify that your Domain's DNS is hosted with us.  Typically you can tell this by looking at your domain registration.  The servers listed should look like ns#.dytek.net
  2. Log in to your Account Control Panel, if you do not have access to this please submit a ticket regarding access to your Account Control Panel in order to proceed.
  3. After logging in, navigate to the DOMAINS section.
  4. Select the domain to be modified.
  5. Select the DNS Zone Editor option.
  6. Click Add -> Record Type: TXT Record and select NEXT
  7. For Host Name enter "@"
  8. For the Text field you will need to generate your SPF.  To do this please follow the instructions at http://old.openspf.org/wizard.html then Copy/Paste the SPF text into this field.
  9. To Finish click SAVE.
  10. After a few hours notice if the issue has been resolved or if you have any negative impact on sending email.  Adjust your SPF accordingly.