(SMARTERMAIL) Automatically delete messages from server after x Days

Some uses on our SmarterMail corporate email server may want to utilize the "Folder Auto-clean" settings in order to maintain their Inbox or other folders in order to keep the number of messages or size of their server email folders under control.  This can be done easily using a few simple steps.

1. Log on to your SmarterMail webmail system using http://mail.domain.com
- Enter your Email address and Password to log in

2.  Once you are on your "My Today Page", at the TOP select "Settings / My Folders"

3.  Select the "Folder Auto-Clean" option at the top.

4.  Once you are in the Auto-Clean section you can add rules to auto-clean your folders based on set criteria.

* Sample setup for removing messages from Deleted Items Automatically after 20 days.

5.  Click Save at the top and verify that your changes are correct.