Virus and Malware Scanning

Platforms:  Website Panel (ASP1)
We are very pleased to announce support for antivirus / antimalware scanning support now integrated into the control panel with notifications! It is super easy to use as well! Simply open the File Manager through the control panel (Website Panel), and select the "Start AV Scan" button, that's it! You will be notified by email of the results once the scan is completed.
This has been a heavily requested item to integrate into our control panel system and we are very happy to have this functionality as this will help customers improve the security of their sites and files! PHP and classic ASP malware are very common especially with Wordpress and Joomla-based websites, this scanner will help detect and report such infections!
Once you start a scan, it will be queued automatically in the background of our CP's scheduling system. The scan can take anywhere from seconds to upwards of an hour to complete depending on the number of files your hosting account contains. If your account contains possible infections, you will receive an attached txt / log file containing a list of the files with their associated infections.
We recommend that you manually review any files before simply removing them as false positives do, can and will happen! If you have any questions about the scan results or about how this feature works, please do not hesitate to contact our support department!