DV Servers Hardware and Migrations Soon (complete)

Update 12/20/22:
DV1 and DV2 have been migrated to our new VPS platform.  This is now considered complete.  We will be combining DV1 and DV2 in the coming weeks and the end result will be only a single Plesk Server DV1/Plesk1

DV1 Plesk Update 12/15/22:
We expect this server to be migrated to our new hardware / OS sometime in the next 12-48 hours.  Be aware there may be some downtime.  We are working to minimize this and will update you via support tickets.

Update 12/9/22:
We expect this migration (hardware / OS) to occur on December 16-17.  You may experience some downtime with your Plesk related services.  If you have any questions or requests please submit a support ticket for best response.

Our datacenter is retiring our legacy DV product (DV1 / DV2)  and migrating you to our new Virtual Private Server (VPS) product over the coming months. The exact timing will be confirmed via reminder emails sent 7 days and 24 hours before we begin the migration.  

This migration unlocks a whole range of new features, including:  

  *  "Always on" security through 24/7 network monitoring 
  *  Better performance with the most up-to-date hardware  
  *  Same first-class support

Your hosting package specifications will also be upgraded.

Here's what you need to know right now 

  *  Migration timing: The exact timing of your migration will be confirmed via email reminders 7 days and 24 hours before we begin your migration and will be updated on this page.

  *  What is being migrated? Your site(s), hosted files, databases, email, and IP addresses will be migrated. New backups will need to be set up using the new system once migrated and old backup files will not be moved. Your DNS management and email service will remain unchanged if it is with our DNS. You will also continue to log in from Plesk. 

  *  Will my site(s) be impacted during the migration? We expect site(s) will experience some downtime and our datacenter is working hard to limit it as much as possible.  

  *  What do I need to do? We will automatically migrate your IP addresses as part of the migration process. Once migration is complete, you will need to check that everything is working and enable your new backups through your website. 

  *  If your domain is registered with another provider and you are not using our nameservers, you will need to update your A record (the IP address your website is pointed to) and direct that domain to your IP address. We will send your new IP address and a reminder to make the DNS changes once the migration is complete. In the meantime, your site will continue working via our hosting proxy. Please contact the company that manages your nameservers if you need assistance. If you're unsure of who manages your domain or DNS, try the  WHOIS Domain Lookup tool located at https://lookup.icann.org/en

Send us a ticket or email.