GRID 2 Server Sites Offline

We are investigating an issue on our GRID 2 server that has its websites offline.  We will be posting updates here regarding the status of the resolution and are working with the datacenter team on this.

Update 3/8/2022 2pm
The server is back online at this time.  We have kept a few sites offline while we review them to make sure they are healthy before being placed back into operation.

Update 3/7/2022 10pm
As of today only a couple of customers still have their websites offline.  Our datacenter is working to correct this as part of a broader issue and we have not received an update from them yet but they promise one is coming.  They manage the server facilities and operating system for us.  We do have other servers that customers who have backups on hand have been migrated to.  If you are still offline and have a backup please open a ticket and let us know.  If you would like us to manually attempt to restore your site on our new server we can do that as well (for a migration fee) or standby and see if the datacenter brings the server back online soon.

Update 3/6/2022 8pm
Further information has been provided to us from the datacenter that this issue is part of a broader issue affecting multiple of their customers.  Most of our affected customers have been moved to a different server if we were able to obtain site backups of the site.  Please be aware we are continuing to monitor this situation and will be hoping to get everything resolved soon.

Update 3/4/22 8pm
We have several customer sites back online with a few more that remain and awaiting an updated backup fileset that may not get to us till Saturday or Sunday.  We will continue working to get sites back online and expect to have everyone back online by Monday morning.  If your site needs urgent attention please reply via the ticket system or open a new ticket to let us know.  Thanks for your patience as we clean things up and get your sites back online safely.

Update 3/4/22 1pm
It came to our attention this morning that customer sites on our GRID2 server were compromised.  As a precaution we have disabled access to the sites while we review each site and try to determine the cause.  Some sites will be migrated to our new Plesk server while others may remain on the same server but will need additional security and all frameworks must be updated and current.  Please contact us via the open ticket if you have questions about the next steps for your site if affected.