ASP1 Smartermail DNS Changes

We want to let you know about a change to our anti-spam filtering for incoming email. This change will improve our anti-spam filtering capabilities and allow us to improve our filtering capabilities without having to rely on a 3rd party system that has been degrading in performance and accuracy over the past year. If your domains use the ASP1 DNS and email services, you do not need to change anything, the required changes have been done for you. The required MX record changes only need to be done if you use a 3rd party DNS service (DNS on anything other than our ASP1 server) and use ASP1 Smartermail email services.

 The required new MX records are as follows...
  • [10]
  • [10]
We no longer have 3 mail records, and the old primary MX record is no longer required. Please replace your MX records with the 2 above. No other changes are required. Please make these changes as soon as possible (remember, if you use our DNS and email services, you do not need to do anything) to avoid service interruptions. These changes will need to be made before May 1st 2020 as our primary mail system will no longer accept unauthenticated email.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support department.

Update 4/30/2020:
As of this morning it seems this change has taken place at our datacenter.  We are monitoring a situation where it seems like port 25 no longer works for mail relay even when authenticated which was not what we were advised would occur.  If you are having trouble sending mail out please consider using port 587 and using encryption (more secure and best practice).  We are contacting the datacenter to understand if indeed port 25 (unencrypted) will be allowed going forward.