(DV2) Upgrade to Plesk Onyx, SSD and CentOS 7

It has been a long and productive journey, but your (dv) 4.0, runs on an operating system that has reached its End Of Life (CentOS5). We will soon begin upgrading all managed (dv) 4.0 services like yours to our latest managed (dv) w/SSD service free of charge. Once upgraded, your Managed (dv) service will have twice the RAM and faster SSD Storage, on our latest enterprise-class servers. Our latest Managed (dv)'s come with the Plesk Onyx control panel running CentOS 7. This will bring new PHP-related functionality, improved SSL management, RubyOnRails support, and Git integration.
For more information on how to prepare, please open a support ticket.
the operating system installed on Managed (dv) 4.0 services, CentOS 5 has ended the "Maintenance Updates" phase of its support lifecycle. This means no further patches or software updates for the product after that date, including new features or security patches.
During this migration, we use Plesk's built in migration tool to clone your content over to the new server. This is an automatic process that will migrate over the following content that was setup within Plesk:
- Domains, users, and emails created and managed by Plesk 
- Passwords for those users 
- Files and folders within structures managed by Plesk 
- In addition to the Plesk migration, we will copy over contents of the entire server, but anything configured outside of Plesk will need to be reconfigured.
The disk space allocation for your service will be increased temporarily for 7 days to make room for those extra copies. At the end of of those 7 days, the previous backup of your files will be deleted.  If you need a copy it will need to be requested before that time.
- Files and folders created outside of Plesk
- Users created outside of Plesk 
- Custom configurations (example: software installations, upgrades of core software, .conf files) 
- If applicable, your snapshot service will move, but you will need to remake your snapshot with the new server
During the actual data migration, the origin server will be up and working as normal. The customer's final IP address(es) will not change as a result of the uplift. You're likely to experience a short interruption of no more than 5 minutes at the end of the uplift process as the swap of the IP from the old service to new.
The DV2 server was upgraded Monday afternoon and with very few exceptions customer websites are working properly.  Please review your own website's functionality and let us know by opening a ticket if you see any related functionality issues or errors.