(Smartermail) User Alias

Adding a User Alias

A user alias is an email address that forwards messages to a list of email addresses. Even though an alias acts as an email address, users cannot login to an alias like they do a standard email address since no email is ever actually stored for the alias. Emails are just sent to the list of addresses provided for the alias.

For example, in a working environment with multiple email addresses, the office may want to make a central email address that distributes messages to all personnel. The alias workplace@example.com can be made for messages to be sent and then distributed to all of the employees.

To begin adding a user alias, click on Add Alias from the Email Aliases page. After you fill out the fields on the page, click on Save to finish adding the alias.

Alias Name - Enter the name of the alias.

Emails - Enter the full email addresses(one per line) of the users who should receive the mail sent to the alias.