(PLESK) Managing Access to Plesk Control Panel

Introduction:  The tutorials below will help with changing account passwords, adding contact information, adding roles for users as well as adding new users to those roles.
From time to time you will want to change your password, with the first tutorial this is made simple. It will also show you how to add contact information to your account like business name, phone number, etc...
The other two videos examples user roles and accounts. User roles allow you to configure how much access each type of user has to your hosting subscription. There are predefined user roles that are automatically created by Plesk. You can review and modify them, or you can create your own custom roles. After roles are set up, they can be assigned to users.

Video Tutorials

Change your Contact, Password, and Email information in Plesk. View Video Tutorial

Create and manage user roles in Plesk. View Video Tutorial

Create and manage user accounts in Plesk. View Video Tutorial