How to use FTP

FTP Instructions

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method for moving files in bulk across the internet.  It is more reliable and much faster than email.  FTP involves using software you install on your PC (the client)  to connect to an FTP server where you upload and store the files.  The stored files can then be used by a website, or they can be downloaded by another FTP user.  

There are many different FTP clients (software programs) that you can use for FTP, but we recommend the FREE FileZilla FTP client. There are several sites that offer tutorials on how to use FileZilla.  A couple of the better ones can be found below.

Please note: These tutorials may not look exactly like the version of FileZilla that you may have, but the differences should not be significant enough to cause confusion.

HELM Accounts:

Note - FTP requires an FTP account on a server.  To set up your FTP account log in to your account manager and follow this tutorial.