Receiving multiple copies of the same email message.

The same message keeps coming in over and over with the same Date/Time stamp for when it was sent.

Possible Causes:
  1. Most frequently this is an issue caused by a program error in your email program and/or anti-virus software.  When email is checked your computer should send a message to the POP server indicating that each message has been read and is marked as read or marked for deletion on our server.  When this does not happen, you get the same message over and over because the server and your email program thinks it is a new message.
  2. Corrupt Email Box.  This happens when for certain circumstances the mailbox on our POP server becomes corrupted.
  1. Try to restart your computer, including your email program completely then check your email again.
  2. Disable your Anti-Virus mail scanner component and try to check your email again.
  3. If the previous resolutions fail please contact us or submit a support ticket.  We can check your email box for corrupted messages or problems.