Domain Renewal Letter

Authentic renewal certificates sent to you in the mail from Dytek will arrive in one of our envelopes and be specifically marked with our Logo and Contact Information.  Some customers may receive renewal notifications via email from our Online Ticket System for automated payment online via Paypal.
If you have any doubt or question about rather the renewal request you are receiving is authentic do not hesitate to contact us for verification.
Frequently, because Domain Registration Info is available to the public, customers receive tricky solicitations from other Domain registrars asking for payment to renew your domain name or provide other vague services.  We recommend that you do not remit payment to these companies.  Often they are not legitimate and provide questionable services and use questionable practices.
If we registered your domain name legitimate renewal certificates or notices will come directly from Dynamic Technologies and be clearly marked as such.  As always if you have questions please contact us.