How do I set an auto-responder on my email?

Many users need to set up an auto-responder on their email accounts for one reason or another.  Some typical reasons for using an auto responder are:
  • Out of town or away messages
  • Confirmation of message receipt such as an order or support mailbox
  • Change of email address notification
Standard email hosting customers can enable auto-responders on their accounts.  Below are detailed instructions on setting up this feature.
  1. Log In to your Webmail Access Page by going to ( substitute your own domain name into this address.
    • Legacy email hosting clients should contact us to set up our Auto-Responders.  Please include the email address that the responder should be enabled for and specifically what it should say.
  2. After you are logged in select "Settings" at the top then "My Auto-Responder"
  3. On the Auto-Responder page you can then set up your Auto-responder selecting the settings to meet our specific needs.  Select the Responder Message Tab and enter the auto-response that you would like each sender to receieve as an auto-response.
    • Click Save when finished.