Timed out waiting for a response from the receiving POP server

When checking email using your email client software, unable to receive or download email messages and getting an error directly from your email client saying something similar to:
"the operation timed out waiting for a response fromthe receiving POP server"

Possible Causes and Solutions:
  • You may not be connected to the Internet, verify your connection by going to one of your favorite websites to ensure you have a connection.
  • Your computer or Anti-Virus software may have a glitch.  Try to completely restart your computer (reboot)and try again after the computer has started up again.  To ensure your Anti-Virus software is not causing this issue try to temporarily disable it and test again.
  • Server Error is another possible cause.  If you have complete the steps above and are still having problems please contact us so that we may assist you by ether calling our support line or submitting a Ticket on our Support Website.